Extendeez® optimizes the search and management of apartments for your consultants.

Consulting professions currently have the wind in their sails. Companies often require external experts to intervene, for short or long term missions.

You work for a consulting agency, audit authority, a BIG 4 or an SSII, and your mission is to make your consultants’ life easier, organize trips, for those who regularly visit clients. As part of their job, many tasks come one after the other, and the company must be able to provide the best accommodation possible, close to the workplace or headquarters. The quality of the accommodation contributes enormously to the consultants’ willingness to stay in their company. Extendeez® is designed for mobility managers and HR directors to facilitate the management of consultants’ apartments and ensure their safety.

Search for short term rentals or apart-hotel accommodation for your consultants

You need to quickly find accommodation for one of your consultants who is about to leave on a mission. You will use a variety of platforms such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Magicstay.com, Expedia, HomeAway, or an on-site real estate agency that specializes in short-term rentals.

Often, the search becomes complicated; it’s never an easy task to find a furnished apartment in the right place at a reasonable price during the desired period.

Extendeez® is connected to all the main platforms and allows you to simplify the search through a fully automatic system.

logement pour consultant
gestion du logement de l’impatrié

Provide your consultant and let them choose a furnished apartment

After selecting a few apartments that match your needs, present the list to your consultant so that he can choose his own accommodation. Often, this process is complicated, as the apartments do not come from the same platform. Airbnb, Magicstay, Booking do not have the same layout and do not offer the same services.

With Extendeez®, you can integrate all the selected apartments with a simple click, present them in the same layout and let the consultant make his choice. All the data and practical information will be available, as well as all the conversations with the consultant making the entire process much easier.

Your consultant’s safety is at stake

The lack of centralized information seriously undermines your consultant’s safety. It’s necessary to identify their movements at all times and send the correct information to security services such as Amarante, iSOS, SSF, Anticip, WorldAware (ex-iJet)…

Without access to data, such aas the apartments availability, it’s becomes impossible to avoid danger or quickly repatriate them if necessary. If you provide accommodation to you’re a consultant’s, it’s also essential to provide them with adequate security.

Risks should not be taken lightly, as they constitute criminal liability for the employer. Therefore, if you book an apartment independently, you will not be able to track their movements and thus ensure your employee’s safety.

Extendeez® transfers all security service related information from your operator in real-time to. So that no one is forgotten.

sécurité des consultants
gestion de l’hébergement du consultant

Book the apartment which is selected by the consultant

For any platform, you can make your reservation directly through Extendeez®, or on the platform itself. Extendeez® makes your consultant’s appartement rentals easier.

Therefore, all the emails you will receive from the site in question from the time of booking must simply be sent to a unique email address for each procedure.

Our technology will automatically connect the email content and manage it from Extendeez®. Therefore, you will have a single tool to manage all your reservations.

Optimize the management of your consultants’ rental contracts

Medium or long term rentals are often the subject of contracts or general terms and conditions that must be signed online.

Managing each consultant’s rental contract can be a complicated job, which requires attention, and compliance with specific timescales, and different contractual documents.

The entry and exit inspection, the contract, the contractor’s interventions, letters of complaint, etc. all this will be centralized on Extendeez® and easily accessible at any time.

Extendeez® gives you a general overview of all the contracts managed for all your branches.

sécurité des expatriés

The mobility contract is ideally suited to accommodate your consultants

In France, the mobility contract is ideally suited to your consultants whenever the mission lasts between one and ten months. Find out more about the mobility contract.

Extendeez® will remind you of your consultants’ contract deadlines

For each account that’s created, you will have an overview of the progress: creating a rental request for a consultant, searching for furnished apartments, providing your consultant with a selection of apartments, your consultants chosen selection, booking procedures for the apartment, documents signatures, payments, deposit guarantee and the deposit refund.

Did you know that many companies don’t think to ask for the deposit to be refunded, often because they simply forgot or the main contact has changed… With Extendeez®, you’ll keep everything under control until the end of the contract.

gérer les échéances du bail mobilité

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